Great Scott!!! The DeLorean has arrived at Agility

What an exciting morning here at Agility, only Marty and Doc were nowhere to been seen.


With the entire body panels being made from stainless steel and its futuristic looks we can see why the DeLorean was the chosen time travel machine for Back to the Future.

 “Thanks to the stainless steel construction of the DeLorean, flux dispersal is generated at an optimum level from the Flux Capacitor, providing the entire vehicle and its passengers a smooth passage through the space-time continuum during temporal displacement.” *

The DeLorean is well known for its wing doors and ‘Flux Capacitor’ time travel capabilities in the Back to the Future Trilogy. So we thought we would take a look back on the years the DeLorean visited and share how automotives have evolved.




The Benz motor car in 1885 was considered the first practical motorcar, the Benz motor appears to be an evolutionary adaptation to the horse and cart. This may be the reason inventor Uriah Smith put forward the idea in 1899 to attach a wooden horses head to the front of the vehicles to reduce the nerves of passengers and also function as a fuel store.



In Back to the Future 2, Biff’s pride and joy is the Ford Super De Luxe convertible and this isn’t the only car that was someone’s most prized possession in 1955.




In 30 years you can see just how much the body style has changed and the look is a lot more sporty and square. The evolution over 100 years is astonishing and you can’t begin to imagine driving a car with little to no exterior.



In Back to the Future 2, we saw Marty Mcfly travel to 2015. The cars in the film are what the Directors thought the future would hold for automotives in the future and we have to say they weren’t far off.

B2F 2015.jpg

We have seen the launch of the fully electric Tesla that comes with Autopilot capabilities and the BMW i8 hybrid with DeLorean style wing doors.


Cars of the future

Now we have gone past the DeLoreans 2015 destination, how are car designers seeing the future for us?

BMW, Mini and Rolls Royce have released concepts for how they see their automotives in the future. How do you see the future for the car industry?


*Source: Back to the Future

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