Review: Vauxhall Adam | Slam

Make and Model:

Vauxhall Adam Slam

Engine Size:

1.4 Petrol


Whether use choose the 86bhp version or the 99bhp the figures on CO2 are stated to be the same; 125g/km along with 52.3mpg. Reaching 0-62mph in 12.5seconds this 3 door hatch would be perfect for young drivers that wish to drive a modern, trendy, personailsed vehicle.

First Impressions – Exterior:

Visually very nice, the model we had was metallic blue with contrast black roof, providing the key in the style metallic colour as the car was a nice touch. The alloys set off the metallic finish

First Impressions – Interior:

The overall interior is simple, stylish and looks pleasing to the eye, the cloth seats were exceptionally comfortable and made the driving experience enjoyable. The additional gadgets; touch screen console and DAB radio where easy to use and placed in the right positions centralised around the driver improving the driver experience.

All these additional pluses made it easy to overlook the limited leg room in the back for extra passengers.


The Adam was nice to drive and considering its engine size it was very nippy and light to drive. Unfortunately, the ride is also very firm and road bumps you can certainly feel. But, due to its large wheel size the Adam has lots of grip to offer on the road.


For practically the Adam comes across as a young person’s car. Equipped with all the modern gadgets and personalisation extras the Adam is extremely appealing, so if you can overcome the boot size and the rear passenger space being limited to have your own design car this is for you.


Fiat 500, DS3, Mini Hatchback

Overall Thoughts:

The car is very stylish and with over 80,000 different interior options and 60,000 exterior combinations it will be hard to find two Adams the same. Although the ride is rather bumpy, it is fuel efficient and the technology is easy to use and centralised around the driver creating a focused driver experience.

Score (out of 10): 

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