Renault Twizy

Last week we had a new arrival, the Renault Twizy and it is safe to say it went down a treat with everyone here. We were the major attraction of the industrial estate, and it was definitely turning heads for the right reasons.

There are a 3 different models available and lots of accessories to choose from but we couldn’t just go for the regular model to test drive, we went for the Cargo model with no windows.

Renault states “The Twizy is innovative and complete fun” and we couldn’t agree more. The Twizy is exciting to drive and it really does feel like a higher up Go-Kart. Reaching a maximum of 50mph it was a struggle going up some hills, however once you reached the top there was no denying it was quick and nimble off the mark.


Measuring in at only 2,338mm long and an astonishing 1,381mm wide, there is no wonder why Renault say you can fit 3 Twizy’s into one parking bay. It may seem petite on the outside, but the interior is the complete opposite and the additional storage options you can purchase as extras are located in exactly the right places.

Although the no window model is quirky, driving it without a coat would be for the more daring driver, especially as the English weather is hitting low temperatures at the moment. However, there is no denying the fun aspect and the individuality it can bring to either personal drivers or companies with its ‘Design you own Twizy’ paint work and its scissor doors.


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