Review: Jeep Renegade

Make and Model:

Jeep Renegade Limited

Engine Size:

1.6 Diesel


The Renegade can reach 0-60mph in 8-10 seconds, CO2 emissions of 115g/km and can achieve 64mpg. The Jeep is great to drive and its modern appearance is striking.

First Impressions – Exterior:

The overall look is more masculine with its bulky shape and lines but the colourful modern interior brings a sense of individuality which is unique.

First Impressions – Interior:

The Bark Brown/Sky Grey leather with Anodized Orange Bezel accents and stitching took awhile to get used to, but the contrasting colours where quirky and fun and made the interior of the Renegade unique.

The cockpit was centred around the driver, making for a pleasurable and comfortable drive. Everything was in easy reach and perfectly placed to be visible to the driver yet they could remain focused on the road. The U-Connect system and the DAB radio worked really well. However, you had to press the main navigations buttons 2-3 times for it to recognise you where changing from NAV to Radio to Phone etc.

The additional heated seats, heated steering wheel and electronic lumber support controls where just what you needed when traveling a long journey in the winter. It is obvious they have thought all about the driver experience and tried to implement as much as they can to make it a comfortable ride for both driver and passenger.


The suspension was rather stiff and you could feel every bump and hole on the country lanes, but the acceleration and the smoothness when on the average road was really noticeable.


The interior is very generous with leg and head space in both the front and back. Also the boot capacity and extra hidden storage is excellent.


Nissan Qashqai, Mazda CX-3/5 and Honda HR-V

Overall Thoughts:

Overall the Renegade is comfortable to drive, especially on long journeys. Great handling on both main roads and country lanes. Fantastic driver experience with all the gadgets and extras provided in this model.

Score (out of 10): 

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