Review: SEAT Arona

Make and Model:

SEAT Arona

 Engine Size:



The 1.0-litre engine can achieve 94bhp. The Arona is a great drive, stylish and perfect in size, not too big and not too small. It is also good on fuel over a long distance drive even with this being a 1.0 engine. However, shorter drives did consume a little more.

First Impressions – Exterior:

The exterior is attractive, the different colour roof options to the body of the car is a fantastic touch, allowing for a more personal vehicle to suit your own style. The alloys where a nice finishing touch to the vehicles appearance.

First Impressions – Interior: 

The seats were both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. The seat position options gave great comfort on your back when driving long distance but after a while the seat did start to feel little hard.

Arona’s eye-catching interior doesn’t stop at the seats. The Media system is easy to use and the new glass touch screen was an excellent size and easy to press while driving with it being focused to the driver console.

The Sat nav is brilliant, it’s simple to use and has clear display of directions. These also appear by the speedometers allowing for less distraction from the road when in use.


The interior has been assembled exceptionally it is very sturdy and makes for a soothing drive with no rattles or vibration. The Arona handles well and grips to the road, it drives really smooth while at a good speed but also drives great when not with its compensating suspension. It is also easy to manoeuvre round country lanes.


Perfectly spacious inside the vehicle, exactly what I would expect from the outside with adequate amounts of leg room. The boot space was deceiving much more room than you would first think, and extra facility to lower the boot floor down for extra space was excellent.


The Arona is based on the Ibiza hatchback, but in terms of rivals for the Arona the closest are the Nissan Juke, Renualt Captur and Suzuki Vitara.

Overall Thoughts:

Excellent vehicle, lovely to drive, spacious and pleasing to look at. We would definitely recommend this vehicle.

Score (Out of 10):

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