Review: Vauxhall Vivaro

Make and Model:


Engine Size:

1.6 CDTi


This is a 9-seater mini bus, which has plenty of room for the driver plus passengers and still manages to leave a huge boot space.

It is large in height and width, but drivers like a car. Due to its length it comes with welcome reversing sensors, but it does obviously take a bit of manoeuvring into a car park space (It takes up 1 ½ spaces). The controls are simple, and the Sat-Nav is easy to operate.

First Impressions – Exterior:

The colour choice of the paint is extensive and the variety is second to none. The vehicle is not the most attractive mini bus, but that is not why someone would choose it. It’s the practicality of the vehicle that sells it.

First Impressions – Interior:

The inside of the vehicle is quite sparse, but the seats are comfy. The driver’s seat has a ‘Captain’s Chair’ arm rest and it is adjustable.

The passenger seats fold forward in the first row, to give access to the rear seats via sliding side doors.



The mini bus has an ‘ECO’ mode, so it can be surprisingly economical. This is at the sacrifice of a more powerful performance, but for long journeys with a bus load of passengers this is ideal.

It really does drive like a big car and is easy to operate.


The minibus does exactly as its description. It is practical, roomy and comfortable. It seats 9 persons (inc the driver) and has a large (high) boot space.

The only impractical aspect is the air conditioning. There are no openable windows in the rear passenger area and no air vents to circulate any cool air. This means that in the recent hot weather we have been having, the air con had to be on full blast in the front, to reach the rear seats. Therefore, the front passengers and driver were freezing cold!


There are lots of similar type vehicles available

Overall Thoughts:

All things considered, it was ideal for the long trip we took.

The score below would have been a 10 had it not been for the air conditioning situation and the lack of ventilation in the rear.

Other than that, I would recommend this vehicle and would happily use one again in the future.


500x review score

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