Review: Hyundai IONIQ

Engine Size:

1.6 Petrol / Hybrid


The IONIQ is a sleek looking family car that can be economical and has simple controls. It is comfortable and mid-range in price.

First Impressions – Exterior:

It has a nice style and (being hybrid) it has flashes of blue to accentuate its electric capabilities.

It is not overly wide or long but is low slung.

First Impressions – Interior:

The front seats were supportive and highly comfortable, however the back seats are a bit limited by the height of the roof roof but not overly restrictive. Like the outside it is minimalistic inside and has some electric blue trims. It has digital displays and a touch screen which controls the DAB, phone and satnav which makes for a pleasant journey every day .

It was a comfortable and quiet to drive, although is not overly roomy it would best suit a small family.


The car has lots of cornering grip and body control making for a smooth drive in stop-stop traffic. Although the IONIQ is not really designed for speed and makes up for power by the handling well in urban areas.


The IONIQ is comfortable, because of its style the boot space is rather shallow. This I think is to accommodate the charging cables and equipment. You can still fit a family shop and more.

It has many safety features, but the lane correction / warning was quite sensitive and made cornering feel a bit odd. This feature for me was more effective when driving on the motorway.

The car has no rear wash wipe and has a ‘bar’ across the rear window (part of the styling) which affects rear viewing.


There are now more and more hybrid cars on the market the main rivals for the Hyundai IONIQ are Toyota Prius and CH-R.

Overall Thoughts:

The IONIQ hybrid is a nice idea and is a standard feeling vehicle. It has some nice features and is comfortable to drive. It can be very economical and would suit a small family.

Score out of 10:


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