Summer vs Winter

Summer driving has been said to be more dangerous that winter driving for several different reason but is it true?

 Winter Driving

It is known that in winter the roads can be very slippery, snowy or icy. Winter driving causes drivers to be a lot more aware and access the roads conditions before a journey, you naturally walk more cautiously on a slippery surface and your vehicle will need to do the same.

It is better to be safe than sorry. Packing adequate supplies, replacing summer tyres with winter tyres and maintaining your vehicles consumable such as engine oil, brake fluid and screen wash are all elements you can control before the bad weather hits.

To ensure your vehicle is ready for Winter as the RAC highlight remember FORCES.

F is for Fuel

O is for Oil

R is for Rubber

C is for Coolant

E is for electrics

S is for Screenwash


Summer Driving

Summer driving brings unique driving challenges: more vehicles on the road, more children playing outside, more tractors, caravans, cyclists and motorbikes. Journey times are longer and traffic jams more likely.

Vehicle maintenance is just as important in the summer as any other time of year. Checking vehicle coolant levels to ensure your vehicle does not overheat during hot periods is important, by checking for wet or white marks on the coolant hoses can indicate any signs of repair. It is imperative to get any concerns checked as soon as possible.

Glare from the sun can cause road accidents. Wearing the correct sunglasses can help reduce glare and keep you seeing clearly. It is recommended that you have their eyes tested by an optician every 2 years.

Drive safe this summer

Safe driving starts and finishes with the driver. Don’t be the cause of a tragedy, stay safe this summer;

  1. Check over your vehicle before setting off on your journey; tyres, oil, screen wash etc
  2. Plan ahead for your journey and allow for additional travel times and queues
  3. No phones
  4. Wear your seat belt – no matter how hot and irritated you get do not be tempted to take your seat belt off. They are legal requirement and there for your safety
  5. No alcohol – Sunny weather, beer gardens, stay sober!

Whether you are driving in the winter or the summer Agility advise you check your vehicle and assess the conditions prior to travelling.

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